Thursday, September 16, 2010

You know, this kind of thing not only deserves criminal charges,

anybody doing it should be in righteous fear of having his ass kicked:
Last Wednesday, Fredric C. Samson of Mount Holly allegedly trespassed on the Runyans’ Mount Laurel property and took photographs as their youngest daughter, Isabella, played in the front yard, according to a Mount Laurel Police report.

The 8-year-old went into the house and told her mother that Samson was standing in the driveway, according to Jon Runyan. Loretta Runyan, a former Houston police officer, got into her car and followed Samson for four miles until he stopped at Rep. John Adler’s Evesham campaign office
Got that? Asshole went on the family property and took pictures of their eight-year old daughter. What the HELL were they supposed to be for? And the response of the Adler campaign is a piece of crap all its own:
“Last Wednesday a volunteer photographer took seven photos of the front of Jon Runyan’s house, nothing more.”

“We apologize if images of the Runyan property have brought any discomfort to Mr. and Mrs. Runyan.”

Uh huh. Yeah. Right. You needed pictures of their property why, then? And he- assuming any legitimate reason for such pictures- went ONTO THEIR PROPERTY why?

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