Sunday, September 12, 2010

A different style of language, but just as good at it as Tam

That is exceptional fuckwittery. That’s making an exhibition arsehole of yourself. And there is a reasonable chance the only thing found would be an arsehole that would have to be DNA tested because holding a fucking hand grenade to your head to hear if it was ticking (after fucking with it) would mean dental records would be of limited use because that bastard would scatter your teeth over three counties.

Dear mother of all the sweetest fuck!

And that is why he is twat of the month. Because that is the most twatulent thing I have heard of in donks.

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Anonymous said...

I do love creative foul language!

On the serious and nerdy side, I assume he was only saved by the poor storage life of the fulminate or chlorate mix in the det.

If Edmond von Herz and James Burns had each patented their styphnate-tetracene primers a couple of decades earlier than 1929 ...