Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The weather weenies keep changing the forecast to include

rain or a higher chance of such. Usually about the time it starts. And it sprinkled again this morning, so can't do some of the outside stuff until it dries a bit, if it does. So here I am, you lucky people. Considering, among other things, that daughter's houseguest was probably thinking "Dammit, it was DRY in there!" while it rained again.

Part of the upsetting about this is the statement “I should be honest. As president of the United States, there are times where I wish information didn’t flow so freely, because then I wouldn’t have to listen to people criticizing me all the time.”; but read the whole thing, seems to turn into another 'this is good for ME' bit from Obama.

Keith pointed to this a couple of days ago, just got around to it:
The Castro Regime announced it will fire at least half a million workers by the middle of next year. The murderous regime will also allow private enterprise.
Cuba says it will fire at least half a million state workers by mid-2011 and will free up private enterprise to help them find new work – radically remaking employment on the communist island.

The layoffs will start immediately and run through the first half of next year, according to an announcement Monday by the nearly 3 million-strong Cuban Workers Confederation – the only labor union the government tolerates.

This has got to be causing lots of leftists to cry in their Post Toasties.

The First Lady is trying to bully restaurants into serving what she and the bureaucrats want them to, instead of what customers want.

But it's OK, because St. Paddy's day is a nasty European-type event, right?
Plus, let's not forget today's big parade for Mexican Independence Day, featuring Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, in the same city that called off the St. Patrick's Day parade, supposedly due to a lack of funds. Right. We can afford to pay thousands to City Councilman Cardenas's sister and brother-in-law to take low rider cars to Mexico for an exhibition, but we can't afford a parade to justify a day of drinking here where we need it. That is totally blarney, man.

Catch you later, son just arrived.


Jennifer said...

The fair is starting this weekend, of course there is rain. It's required.
(And now I've proven that I really am a native Okie.)

Firehand said...

I forgot about the fair; crap. That means fairly high chances of rain for the next two weeks.