Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Son is on his way back to base

which is a damn long drive.

T'other day friend gunsmith invited us to the range so he could try some new boomsticks out; just to really annoy some of you, he got to fire the Webley-Fosberywhich he declared quite accurate and easy to shoot; just odd to have a revolver with part of the frame reciprocating as you fire.


Anonymous said...

Your son is standing about 10 feet east of where I always try to get when I am out there. If you are ever there and see a 6'5" 400lb gray haired guy shooting, stop by and say hi.

Keith said...

Cool, and a Mauser C96 on the bench too!

.380 or .455?

and .30 or red 9?

Keith said...

Here's Emilio Ghisoni's take on the Fosberry

Firehand said...

I'll try to remember

Keith, that's actually an Astra friend restored, in .30 Mauser. And the Webley is .455

Keith said...

Oh Wow!
Even cooler
Would he be willing to take lots of pics of it on a background with scale dots to allow someone (me?) to try to get a CAD model of it?

The Astra was supposed to be even more beautifully made than the German C96.

Clever and diligent folks those Basques - shame the Spanish banks screwed the gun makers to make up some of the money they lost in the Asian crash of the mid 90s. Gone for ever now.

Firehand said...

Webley or the Astra? I can check and see

Keith said...

Astra first please. I'll email you Monday.