Sunday, September 12, 2010

I know people who'd crap bricks at the sight of daughter's house guest

Self-invited, I might add; "I opened the door to take some things out and it walked in as if I'd been expecting it"
It's spaced a ways down; if you're bothered by eight-legged critters, do NOT click to embiggen:

All those little bumps on it's back? Full-size picture shows those are the younguns, being carried around until ready to strike out on their own.

The visitor has been returned to the outdoors where she- they- belong.


Anonymous said...

Well, OK, for that, you deserve to see this.

Anonymous said...

Half a house just passed through my anus!

BobG said...

Looks like a wolf spider.

Mattexian said...

Saw a wolf spider like that myself, with babies on board too, several months ago. First time I'd ever found one like that.

Firehand said...

Yeah, she found it's a Rabid Wolf Spider, and I can't figure out where 'rabid' comes from. First one I've ever seen with the family, too.