Friday, July 17, 2009

A while back I wrote about Bank of America screwing some people

around in disgusting fashion. Final outcome with Bank of America is
...Today my local branch manager called, and begged me to make this go away. She was authorized to offer me a dollar amount that equates to about 30% of what I lost last week in terms of cash laid out. It didn't account for pain and suffering, or any sort of emotional factor. It didn't even cover the new tickets I had to buy for my family's airfare.

I took their offer, simply because I don't think that I could do more without a protracted fight, and what's the point? Every day I deal with this shit is a day closer to my death. I'm not talking big bucks, and I'm not a man who likes to beat his head against a wall simply because it feels good to stop at the end.

Anyhow, the little bit of money that they offered me is enough to keep my wife and boy comfortable for the duration of their wait in Brazil, with enough left over to pay back most of the money I borrowed to cover my shortfalls in the ticket price. So, all's well, sort of

Probably as well as it could get with these clowns. But I'll tell you three things:
1. There was no excuse for them screwing up the account once, let alone multiple times.
2. There was no excuse for the way he was treated while trying to straighten things out.
3. There is no damn way I'll ever take a card from Bank of America. Or do anything else to put money in their pocket if I can avoid it.

A comment in the original post basically says "He should have set things up better." Maybe so, but that does NOT in any way excuse the actions of Bank of America in this.

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Anonymous said...

Nope, he needs to find a really hungry lawyer and tell boa to standby. And I in NO WAY excused boa side of the disaster.