Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I understand- and agree- that police need some protection

from BS lawsuits, but some things they SHOULD be personally liable for. Things like this:
Haley, 22, gave a different account of the events at Thursday's hearing to suppress evidence against Aderinboye. She said she was asleep when her mother woke her up, telling her that police were at the door. An officer immediately barged into her bedroom, and police were all over her house, she testified. She said officers told her had they had found drugs and that she had to sign the consent form or be arrested.

"They told me that my children would be taken away from me," Haley testified. "They told me they had the number for CPS on speed dial."

She testified that she subsequently passed a polygraph exam with flying colors, a point that prosecutors did not dispute.
Sundquist, the squad's former supervisor, was moved off the streets this spring after the DA's office released a letter stating that he shouldn't be trusted to testify in court. Durica and another officer were recently transferred back to patrol duties.

The squad, which once numbered about seven officers, is now largely dismantled. The unit came under scrutiny earlier this year after an arrest put a man behind bars for 10 months on what prosecutors say were false charges. A videotape later showed that the accused man was not carrying a bag that contained drugs and a gun as police had alleged.

In March, McDowell threw out the evidence gathered in another search conducted by the squad, finding that the consent for the search had not been voluntary. Prosecutors subsequently dismissed gun and drug charges against Troy Compton, a felon.

In that case, Compton's wife passed a polygraph in which she said officers threatened to take her to jail and to hand over the couple's then-5-year-old son to Child Protective Services unless she signed a form consenting to the search of their Cedar Hill home. The polygraph exam did not come up during that court hearing

These people lied on sworn statements, lied under oath... bloody awful.


Vinnie said...

Get ready to puke.

It just makes me sick, these guys get away with murder.

Kevin said...

These people lied on sworn statements, lied under oath . . .

There's even an expression for it: "Testilying."