Friday, July 17, 2009

Ref the airliner crash in Iran,

Two-Four has this:
Dan Collins links a Reuters item on the Caspian Airlines crash, which includes this helpful information:
"U.S. sanctions against Iran have prevented it from buying new aircraft or spares from the West, forcing it to supplement its aging fleet of Boeing and Airbus planes with aircraft from the former Soviet Union."
This crap reminds me of Cuba; we're told the sanctions don't make sense because 'Everybody else in the WORLD trades with Cuba!', and yet they also tell us it's our fault the Cuban economy is in the septic tank. Or, in Nicaragua in the 80's, they were constantly threatening us and calling us names, and then bitching because "You won't give us things for loans we won't pay backsell us things we need!" when- again- we were being told "Sanctions don't make sense because EVERYBODY else trades with Nicaragua!"

Can't have it both ways, folks; if 'everybody else' trades with whoever, and they're still in the toilet, either somebody else won't sell them what they need or can't make what they need; not our fault. Or, if other people DO sell them the stuff, and they're in the toilet anyway, you can't blame us.

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Anonymous said...

Considering that the plane in question was a Tupolov, I'm not certain exactly how the US had anything to do with Iran not being able to buy spares, etc. Oh that's right, reality never bothered the demosociocommies before; why should it intrude now?