Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'm waiting for Algore to blame Global Warming

Daughter ran across this headline:
Monster fish killed after terrorising swimmers at Swiss lake - and served for dinner

The perch, which was two feet three inches long and weighed 17.5 pounds, was speared on Sunday at Lac Majeur after it bit six swimmers over the weekend, Fabio Croci, a fish warden, told local media
That does sound like a good-sized perch, but 'monster'?
Two swimmers were treated in hospital for bite wounds up to four inches long after being attacked at the lake, which borders Italy, he added.
That's a nasty bite, no question. Ah, but the nasty little bugger paid the price:
Police divers at first tried to capture the carnivorous fish with a net, but when this failed, they pursued the zander with a harpoon and managed to kill it.

The meat from the captured fish was later served up to tourists at the lake

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Fire said...

UUUHHHMMM, how do they know they killed the right one? Was "perchy" wearing a sign saying, "I'm the bad ass fish around here"? Or were the police divers just profiling?