Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kind of in a hurry, so just some roundup this morning

Like the Justice Department Public Corruption Unit is kind of messy; due to corruption in the unit, violations of law, little things like that:
Two months after prosecutors abandoned the criminal conviction of former senator Ted Stevens, the Justice Department unit that polices public corruption remains in chaos, coping with newly discovered evidence that threatens to undermine other cases while department leaders struggle to reshuffle the ranks.
At the same time, document-sharing lapses that provoked the Stevens turnaround are also affecting other bribery prosecutions in the state, prompting authorities to take the extraordinary step of releasing two Alaska lawmakers from prison late last week. A new team of government lawyers and FBI agents is reviewing thousands of pages of evidence, trying to assuage the concerns of judges and fielding complaints from defense attorneys.
New members of the prosecution team told the judge that they would finish sharing previously unproduced materials by July 31. Already, defense attorneys for the former Alaska legislators have secured scores of pages of newly disclosed materials from the government on the condition that they keep the documents secret.

John Henry Browne, an attorney for Kohring, said he was expecting a dozen or so documents but instead is sorting through a stack of more than 1,000 pages.

"There are a number of smoking guns in here," Browne said. "I wouldn't be surprised if the Justice Department sometimes dismisses these cases" rather than expose the former prosecutors to cross examination about their alleged failure to share documents
Translation: "Well, we'll see if the Justice Department wants their prosecutors being put under oath and asking why they violated the law and acted unethically."

Corrupt public officials need to be caught and thrown out of office and jailed; so do prosecutors who violate the law to get a conviction 'no matter what'.

Well, well, there are THREE IG's who've been fired, not just one.
This is interesting. I looked around and perhaps I missed it on another blog, but the Chicago Tribune reports that it isn't just Walpin's firing over which Senator Grassley wants some answers. He's worried about a pattern, as no fewer than three IG's have recently been fired, all while investigating so-called sensitive issues. See Michelle for the latest on Walpin.

The dispute comes as Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, is looking into the abrupt firings within the last week of two other inspectors general one of whom was fired by the White House and the other by the chair of the International Trade Commission.

Both inspectors general had investigated sensitive subjects at the time of their firings.

Grassley is now concerned about whether a pattern is emerging in which the independence of the government's top watchdogs -- whose jobs were authorized by Congress to look out for waste, fraud and abuse -- is being put at risk.

That some of these clowns just cannot stop smearing and lying about Sarah Palin is amazing; that kind of actual hatred is scary.

Rep. Barney Frank(Evil Party-MA) is a corrupt politician who's just been bought off again from the sound of it; why are these people surprised?

British cops screwing with lots of people simply to provide a racial balance in official statistics. Considering these people seem to have decided Sir Robert Peel never existed, or should never be mentioned, doesn't surprise me.

I'm now off to be (supposedly) helpful on some things.

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