Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spent the weekend visiting parents,

which was nice. Dad was helping an old friend make a start at handloading, and we got him through 100 rounds of .38 wadcutters and 15 rounds of .257 Roberts. He's going to try those out before making any more(especially the rifle loads).

Stormed last night in Lawton, but appears to have missed the Oklahoma City area. Right now, between the tornado or severe thunderstorms watchs, almost the western half of the state is covered. It's mid- to upper 80's outside, and I think the humidity is almost 70%. Which is just delightful, if you like sweating from the effort of breathing. Right now they're saying 30% chance of storms in OKC, but I'll wait; I've seen '30%' turn into 'Head for the cellar!" in the space of a couple of hours.

Brigid has a very good post up on starting handloading; if you're thinking of it, go read, lots of good information. Though I think she made a special effort to make her loading space nice and neat; I've NEVER seen a working bench that clean. If she actually keeps it that clean in use... then she ain't human.

I also left mom the recipe for the cast-iron soda bread; I suspect she'll be trying it the next day or two.

I've got to put things away, and feed the dog in a while; when it's this hot she won't really eat until closer to dark. More later, assuming I don't fall over.

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Anonymous said...

UUUHHHMMMM, if you don't mind my asking, who watched Security Staff while you were away? Or did you take her with you? The dog that I had to babysit this past week turned out to be really sweet. Once we got through him biting me last Saturday, we were good to go. He actually left me with a scar.

Have you made Vienna Bread yet? If so, I want some! If you haven't, you soooooooo need to try it. OH. MY. GOODNESS. It IS that damn good.