Thursday, June 18, 2009

Well, crap, I like Olive Garden,

but if they can't even make up their damn mind about that idiot Letterman, maybe they don't need my money.
Olive Garden’s manager of media relations, who asked not to be quoted on the record, confirmed to POLITICO Thursday that the emails were sent by the restaurant chain, and also confirmed that the company would be pulling its remaining television spots on the program for the rest of the year when asked that question.

But in a statement released later in the day, Olive Garden Director of Media Relations Rich Jeffers disputed POLITICO’s report as “erroneous.”

Sounds like they tried to have it both ways; wanted to say "We don't support Letterman and his 'jokes'", but someone decided they'd rather be connected with him than not. So two stories.

Ah well, there are other Italian restaurants in town.

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