Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember President Obama's statement on the murder of Corporal Long?

It may not have actually been a statement from the President:
Which brings us back to C.J. When he contacted the White House for clarification he got a third answer. Not "Sorry, we made an exclusive statement to the AP, check with them" or "we only released that to Arkansas media" - instead, he was told "the President is attempting to call the family of Army Pvt Long".

We've got three different answers now from the White House on the central question "did the President make a statement"? I suspect the correct answer would be a fourth one: "no".
This is the first I've heard of this piece of crap being dug up. A lot of people wondered at the time why it took so damn long for the President to make a statement, and that when he (supposedly) did it was such a piece of garbage; this makes it worse by far. This sounds like some staffer noticed that people were getting really pissed about the matter and made up a 'statement from the President' that he thought would take care of it.

Go over to Mudville and read the whole piece. As Kim used to say, it would be wise to move breakables out of reach first.

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