Friday, June 19, 2009

I must occasionally be doing something right

A while back I was at the outdoor range, and when I finished the rifle stuff and moved to the handgun side there was a lady instructing another lady(obvious beginner) in handgun basics. The beginner- who was wearing a PD patch, turned out to have just been hired- had a slightly unusual pistol, and I asked her about it:
"When I joined the department, my husband gave it to me. Didn't ask what I wanted, just gave it to me."
It was a Glock.
With matching pink handcuffs.
No, she was not overly thrilled. She was happy he'd given her a pistol, but wished she'd had some input on the matter.

While they were working I moved a few places down and started some draw & fire practice. I'd forgotten that I had the extra-power recoil spring in, and so after the first shot I got a double-feed. I dropped the mag, racked the action, new mag(my spare carry-load mag, forgot to reload it with the practice stuff), rack, bang. Finished that mag, and while I was reloading the older lady doing the teaching came over.
"What department do you work for? Sheriff's office?"
"No, ma'am, just practicing."
"Oh, you compete?"
"No. Just practicing."
"Oh. Well, practice is always good."
While I finished reloading, she went back to her student and, due to the electronic muffs, I heard her say "I'd have sworn he shoots competition." Apparently my clear of the jam went I lot faster and better than I thought it did.


Anonymous said...

I bet she just liked the way you look and HAD to say something. Oh, I believe one hundred percent that you are very good with your rifle, and well in control with the pistol.....I need a drink before I finish this.

Were you in jeans, Firehand? 'Cause let me tell ya...Man, jeans, gun, ahem, those three together, HOT. Although, the fella at the range wearing dockers and a dress shirt was pretty nice looking too. Hell of a shot, he was.

the pistolero said...

wished she'd had some input on the matter
No doubt if she'd had that input she'da got her a 1911 instead-a that pink plastic gun. ;-)

Anonymous said...

AHEM....1911's are a wee bit much to conceal. But the chick should have definitely refused the pink part. SHEEESH! I'm sorry, but pink just doesn't show seriousness. Oh, and the only plastic parts are the grip and below the slide, oh, and the trigger. The parts that really make the difference are not plastic. But I'm sure you already know that. I'm just sayin'.

James R. Rummel said...

Good post.


the pistolero said...

Oh yeah, and then there's that HORRIBLE water-gun trigger. ;-)

1911's are a wee bit much to conceal
They don't have to be, if you got, say an aluminum-framed 4"- or 3"-barreled model. Small, light -- and, yes, actually thinner than the Glock. They say the 3-inch 1911s can be real bastards though, so I think the shortest I'd go would be 4, 4.25 inches if I had it to do again -- though my Kimber Tac Ultra II has been a great weapon. And I knew the only part that was polymer was the frame, yes. That "plastic gun" crack was tongue-in-cheek. ;-)

WV: spush -- yeah, the Glock trigger feels all spush-y and stuff..

Anonymous said...

Have you shot one?

And I knew exactly where your tongue was.

the pistolero said...

Indeed I have. The door greeter at the Walmart I worked at had one and we went out to throw some lead one day. I remember thinking the trigger felt like that of a water gun. And it seemed like it had a snappier recoil than my Ruger 9mm, but maybe that was in my head. Maybe it takes some getting used to though. I was already spoiled on 1911s by then too, but I seem to remember there being an outfit somewhere you could send your Glock to and they'd make the trigger almost as good as a 1911. Dunno how much it'd cost, though.


Anonymous said...

Well, as long as you've shot one, I won't say anything. But my Ruger 9 seems to have a stronger recoil than the Glock. Ruger will always be my favorite, but for carrying, the Glock does the job. Not a bad piece at all. But that's just my opinion.

I'm a little devil...LOLOLOL

Firehand said...

Actually, I did let her try my Kimber Compact; she liked it. Seems one thing that was giving her trouble was the grip size of the Glock, and a 1911 compared to that... They borrowed a Springfield 1911 in 9mm from the rangemaster, and she really liked it. I think there may have been a bit of "Dear, I want to see about trading" in mind.

the pistolero said...

BWAAAHAHA! What'd I tell ya? I would never seriously badmouth a piece without having shot it, and even with my dislike of various attributes of the Glock I wouldn't be totally averse to getting one. The 1911 remains my preference, though...
...and I could think-a some real fun things to do with that tongue of mine...who's the devil NOW?

Anonymous said...

You little DEVIL!

Your "BWAAAHAHA" made me almost spit out my tea. SHEEESH! I'm not opposed to owning a 1911.

The good thing about the tongue is I have one too. ;)

the pistolero said...

Once you get yourself a 1911, you'll never go back. Even if it's a bare-bones mil-spec.
...and that tongue's a talented one too, no doubt about it.

Anonymous said...

I shot one at the range and thought of you. I did like the trigger.

And you make me blush....LOLOLOL!! Just kidding, I don't think I've blushed a day in my life. You flatter me, though. In all things, I give it my absolute best.