Friday, June 19, 2009

I had one of those many people named Anonymous comment

on this post that Sarah Palin is (fill in the blank, basically) and a nasty politician, a fake-conservative decoy, etc. I told him he was full of crap. This led to him telling me, among other things,
I think you are your own worst enemy, of the sort who keeps doing the same thing and supporting the same re-tread figures advocated and marketed to you through mass media owned by multi-national corporations, and you cant figure out why you still lose, no matter if its bush or obama in office. they will always be 'one of you' when campaigning and they will always be a dutiful servant of well-paying multi-national corporate interests once they get elected.
Yeah. Right. I supported McCain wholeheartedly because the major media and Stupid Party Brass told me to and totally supported Bush and-

Wait, no I didn't! I think I actually agreed with Kevin that McCain was the least repulsive Democrat in the race! I said nasty things about Bush over the last few years! I even told my kids in 2000 that I had real problems with Bush, but the alternative...

Mr. Anonymous, screw you. I haven't trusted the major media about much of anything since long before I was online, and I've told the Stupid Party numerous times just exactly what I think of them. Here and using their "We need your money" forms to say Hell, no, and explain why. You remind me of the clown who wrote to Lawdog calling him names for being such a suckup to McCain, apparently never bothering to read anything Dog wrote about him.

I'm not a Palin worshipper; I do think she'd make a good President, and I think the type and level of media and celebutard attacks on her speak of just how much they're scared of the idea. She ain't perfect, and I know it; she'd have been a hell of a lot better than either McCain or Obama.


Rev. Paul said...

Your last paragraph says it all, and says it well. This Alaskan agrees with you, for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO, I love people named 'anonymous'. They bring out the best in me.

Slim chance he'll come back right away, but the slim chance that he might is what's making me jump in and have some fun.


Care to grow a set? I'm not sure why you comment it because you don't want anyone to put a name to such idiocy? If you think you know so much about the reasons why people vote for certain people and what they 'think' when doing so, you should be in politics as well. I mean you've already got the "know it all" part down. No doubt you have the "screw you and what you stand for" part down, also. Better luck next time, fella.

Anthony said...

Not so sure she is ready for the BIG job yet, but I believe she needs to be a large part of the party both in 2010 and 1012. How about a Romney / Palin ticket?

Anonymous said...

Im afraid too..
At the start of BushII's first admin, a new 'advisor' was brought in to advise him on 'military policy'.
This man was named richard perle.

richard perle was a man who was interconnected to the most elite of washington dc think tanks, owned stock in major defense contractors, and was a 'military expert' depite NEVER having enlisted, or even passing a basic training course himself.

richard perle openly commented on bush after their first meeting that we could not beleive his good fortune, in that bush was a ''blank slate'', who knew absolutely nothing about international affairs..

schemers like Perle, who is a affiliate of William Kristol,..

(the man who reccomended Sarah Palin to McCain as his VP-was wiliam kristol-
william kristols father is trotskyite socialist publisher irving kristol-
william kristol is pre-eminent on fox news every week, spouting the same trotskyite socialist dogma, today marketed as free-trade 'conservatism')
...recognize what they need, and what they want is a visually appealing empty vessel willing to spout their globalist socialism but using patriotic sounding traditional terminology..
SO.. while I am worried, what I am worried about is that currently we have a choice between open, socialist, globalist leaders from the democrats,
or puppets being used by those behind the scenes for the same puposes on the putative right..

what none of these people are.. is the one thing that sustains a country.. none are NATIONALISTS, as to a globalist, a nationalist is the enemy..sarah palin is a free-job exporting, internationalist, who shouts drill-here-drill-now, and leaves out the fact to the masses she is trying to play to for the profit of her paying lobbyists that virtually all Alaskan oil reserves end up in ASIA not the USA, and will as such not reduce to cost of oil to american citizens, unless congress were to restrict the exportation of alskan oil under the lease terms..
if they did so, the oil compannies would not drill it, as they would lose money in the process by glutting the US market with cheap oil, while costing themselves money to create the new wells and infrastructure..
This is only one example, of many, but the bottom line is, sarah plain is being hyped by people who have their own agenda, and its not one that benefits americans.. its one that benefits a globalist agenda trying to sell itself as a nationalist one.

Firehand said...

Anony, you're a pest. And a nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon, Firehand, tell him how you REALLY feel.

Dude, your cheese has clearly fallen off your cracker. Get some help or go back on your meds.

Anonymous said...

very productive comments..
now you see why you know nothing, and are stuck with Barry Soetero..

stupidity(willful or otherwise)=slavery.

Anonymous said...

stalker + Fire = no more stalker

Anonymous + comments = laughing good time

pot calling the kettle black + you
= dumb ass

Now that we got our math done, care to do History?

Anonymous said...

"Now that we got our math done, care to do History?"

arent you the same math genius who in this
thread concluded that a plot was underway,..that you discovered, in which greedy greyhound owners payed thousands to charter a ship in order to dump dogs into the ocean, instead of the more costly route of a sub-one cent .22 round.. which you noted.. 'gets expensive'?
lady, you live on planet wackjob..

Anonymous said...

You are so full of shit, dumb ass.

I know what retired racing greyhounds face, you mother fucker. I have interviewed MANY members of staff at MANY race tracks who have given information on what some people do to greyhounds that don't make the money anymore. If you don't believe me, fucking google the shit, you cock sucker! You want to tell me what the gate keeper at my greyhound's kennel said about the treatment of greyhounds who don't make the money for their owners? You know so much, right? You want to tell me that my greyhound wasn't abused and beaten, and damn near starved to death, you stupid mother fucking dumb ass? And she made the money for her owner. And still she lived in a crate too damn small for her for 22 hours a day. I thought not, you bastard!

Furthermore, you pathetic piece of shit, I did not say people paid thousands to charter a fucking ship. I never said dick about what kind of boat was used.....the fact is you are a waste of space who doesn't know shit.

Anytime you think you can handle it, mother fucker, try it!

How about you tempt those people to use a .22 on you, you failure of a test tube.