Thursday, June 18, 2009

My day was damn hot and sweaty,

and I need a shower. How was yours?

Friend Oren the gunsmith needed some help getting some things set up in his shop, but what he got was me getting in the way the last two days. Let me set the scene for you: shop building, no a/c, highs upper 90's and enough humidity to remind you of the marshy ground around a pond in the woods. But, despite my contribution, some things were accomplished(in part my threatening his son if he didn't get his butt busy with the mower and weedeater; for some reason he listens to me) in exchange for the effort and sweat.

I must note that things were livened up somewhat by his dog. She lives to have a ball thrown, and has a habit of walking up to you and dropping it- or what's left of it- behind you and standing there with an expectant look. Which can cause some excitement when you step back and either step on the ball or nearly fall over her.

But progress was made, so it was time well spent. Plus he's one of the best friends I've ever had, and I haven't had much chance to spend time with him for a while; worth it for that.

Now, I must move on to the tale of Rafferty the Rescued Puppy
He's the critter my ex rescued from less-than-optimal circumstances. Hard to tell from the pictures, but he's grown a lot. It became obvious that he was going to become bigger than she could keep. But a happy ending ensues; a lady she works with thinks he's The Most Darling Thing Ever. And the feeling is apprently returned, as he starts wiggling and wagging as soon as he sees her, so tomorrow he goes to his new home.

Itzl the long-haired chihuahua will have to get used to not being ambushed anymore,

but I imagine he'll do it quickly. He's become a Dignified Adult(yes, he does tend to act it in capitals) and the pup was about to cause him real annoyance at times.

So tomorrow he and all his toys will exit to a new home(including kids and dogs), which should suit him just fine.


Fire said...

WHAT? Rafferty is TOO BIG for her to keep? Are you serious?

AWWWWEEE, man! This just sucks!

Firehand said...

Going to be too big; like I said, doesn't look it in the pictures but he's grown a lot. And he's only about 8-10 weeks old.

She just doesn't like dogs much bigger than Itzl for inside.

Fire said...

Wow. I say, "The bigger the better."

Damn, those are words to live by.