Saturday, June 20, 2009

Anony went back to a post a while back on left-wing commie

terrorists, and was appalled that he didn't find 'proper journalism'; that there was bias and emotion and personal opinion.

Hey, dumbass, this is my blog. Which I have described as my soapbox upon which to stand and spout my opinion, spread information and laugh at the monkeys throwing crap. That means, amazingly, that you get opinion, emotion and my bias!

So if you don't approve, very simple solution: go away.


Fire said...


He got out of his straight jacket again?

Anonymous said...

you must have two anonny stalking your blog buddy, as the one who has annoyed you lately over the palin praise you lavished is ME, and this post you cite is NOT ME..

I like some of your links and think you are basically on the right track, I am not here to assail you, but I will disagree where I feel its appropriate.

that said, I think you are getting a little paranoid searching old posts for anything that was posted anon, and assuming all are from the same person..

My first post was on the sarah palin nonsense, and I did not go back to any post that is not in your current lineup of recent posts, just to save you some time from frantically searching all your old threads..

Fire said...

I find it quite odd that you refer to what you do as "stalking". Ahem....there is this little thing called a site meter that can clear it all up. Whether it's you, him, or both with a split personality....

Happy Stalking, although, I advise against it.

Firehand said...

Uh, guy, there's this thing on Blogger where it notifies you when someone leaves a comment; I'm not 'searching old posts' in paranoid fashion.

And I have to tell you, I haven't been 'frantic' about anything for quite a while. Especially on the blog. So take a Midol and calm down.