Monday, December 19, 2016

How stupid and corrupt are the people running a lot of colleges?

This stupid and corrupt.
Under Administrative Regulation 6:1, Discrimination and Harassment, UK’s Title IX coordinator ruled that the song, “California Girls,” included “language of a sexual nature” and was somehow offensive, though no victims were identified.

The same regulation prohibits “making an intentionally false accusation,” so the question arises: How competent is UK’s Title IX office?

If my case is any indication, then everyone concerned about discrimination and sexual harassment should be alarmed.
Amazing, isn't it?

Proving that the SJBs are bloody everywhere.  And the ones here as stupid, intolerant, and fascist in their mindset as anywhere else.

So, according to this guy, a bunch of people who're just a touch right of Stalin and Mao are now the 'alt-center'.  
Must be an interesting sky in his world.

You read some things, and you wonder "How'd his balls fit through the hatches?"

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