Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tab clearing

Some places/agencies, you want to know why people don't much like you anymore?  You think shooting their dog is something you're entitled to do.  And some idiot judges agree.

HAHAHAHAHA, I laugh at your people!
During their meeting, Sam Pernick, president of the Young Democrats of Michigan, and other Sanders supporters—who nearly outnumbered the rest of the attendees at the meeting—protested the lack of transparency and openness exercised by the Michigan Democratic Party, which rigged the DNC delegate nomination process behind closed doors. Michigan Democratic Party officials responded with force. Pernick and several others were nearly dragged out of the meeting. Pernick is pursuing charges, and the Westland Police Department recently issued Mike Stone, a senior Michigan Democratic Party official, a ticket for assault and battery.

Yes, there are actual reasons for the Electoral College.  And they've nothing to do with slavery.

How worthless is the Brady Campaign?  This worthless:
We supported the first Presidential candidate in history to run on a gun violence prevention platform
Who lost. To a Cheeto.

Next time someone starts that 'Scandal-free Obama administration' crap, tell them to add this one to the list they're ignoring:
Chicago Ald. Pat Dowell was so concerned about railyard gun heists that last year she wanted to hold a public hearing to question railway representatives.

But she tells the 2 Investigators the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and railyard giant Norfolk Southern “strongly encouraged” her not to go public for fear she would expose serious security deficiencies.

Dowell held off. Now, it’s happened again.

In the latest incident, a half-dozen semi-automatic rifles and 27 handguns were reportedly stolen from a rail car near 77th and Avalon, the 2 Investigators have confirmed.

Someone to be remembered.
Marion Pritchard, a Dutch social work student who was credited with saving dozens of Jews during the Holocaust, spiriting some to safe houses, hiding others under floorboards, and, in one case, executing a Nazi before he could arrest a family of four, died Dec. 11 in Washington. She was 96.

Between now and inauguration day, they’re going to do everything they can to complicate the situation. They want things to be hard from the start for Trump. I’m not worried about his psyche nor his ego, both of which will be pummeled until January 20th. I’m worried about the damage the left will do to the country as a result of their obsession with destroying him. They’re wildcards now. Unlike the days leading up to the electoral college vote, they no longer have a discernible playbook. That’s troublesome.

As we’ve learned from the gun control wing, abortion activists, Black Lives Matter, the ACLU, and college snowflakes, most of the vocal leftists have an uncanny superpower. They can convince themselves of the righteousness of their cause by ignoring logic, reason, decency, and reality. This allows them to fight for something that makes no sense with just as much passion as if they were fighting for their own lives.

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