Monday, December 19, 2016

If this information is correct, everyone involved, at the LEAST,

should be fired and prosecuted.  Personally, I'd consider having them, after conviction, beaten with a flagrum to be a good start.

A start, mind you.

No, I'm not excerpting, go read the damn thing.  Breakables alert in effect.

Yeah, sometimes leaving your kid in public school is child abuse.


J Bogan said...

Always leaving your kid in Government schools is child abuse. If that were my child there would be no trial, the defendants would all be deceased.

Phelps said...

Charge both of them with rape of a minor. Register them as sex offenders when they (finally) get out of jail.

Let's be clear -- any medical professional will tell you what it is called when you "treat" someone without consent -- battery. Not only did they "treat" her without her consent (and in fact against her clear protest) but they did it in a salacious, prurient manner.

Firehand said...

That's the least that should happen.

I wonder if these idiots had any idea what the reaction would be to this? And that, with some parents, they're lucky to still be breathing?