Sunday, December 18, 2016

an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center wants to get rid of the Electoral College

because- basically- it works.  Among his brilliant statements:
...because the Constitution’s three-fifths clause — each slave was deemed to be worth three-fifths of a person — ...
Uh, no.  That's NOT what it says.  Maybe I'm being picky, but when he words it that way it makes me think he either doesn't understand it or lies about it.

The electoral college is enshrined in the Constitution, but that doesn’t necessarily make it constitutional.
Behold that brilliance of thought.

He wants it thrown out by the Supremes, because 'those stupid people in the smaller states would block an amendment doing it'.  Though the thought of the Supremes saying "This is a written part of the Constitution, but some people don't like it so we'll just throw it out" is interesting, in a 'decorate the lampposts' way.  And throw in this:
With an appropriate challenge in the high court, that precedent ought to topple the electoral college. Still, the college has its supporters. They fall back on a political defense. In a pure popular-vote system, they warn that candidates would pay no attention to the least populous states. But it’s not as if Wyoming’s voters are getting a lot of attention now.
"So let's see that they get NO attention.  Serves them right for living there."

Farging idiot.  I wonder how much students pay to listen to him speak this crap?


Anonymous said...

Two books on the subject come to mind. The one that I am reading now is very persuasive:

Enlightened Democracy: The Case for the Electoral College (2nd Edition)
Author: Tara Ross
ISBN-10: 0977072223
ISBN-13: 978-0977072224

Ms. Ross also has an interesting website:

Queued up next:

The Case Against Direct Election of the President: A Defense of the Electoral College
Author: Judith Best
ISBN-10: 0801409160
ISBN-13: 978-0801409165

Note: this book is out of print (printed in 1975) but is still available from used booksellers. Got my copy via Amazon (of course).

Firehand said...

I'll have to try to check those out. And look at the site. Thanks