Monday, December 19, 2016

If you haven't seen Justified, you won't get it

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markm said...

In Grand Rapids Michigan, an FBI agent is charged with brandishing a weapon and shooting at city police, and his agency is apparently not interested in defending him. The judge did release him on his own recognizance, even though he's from far out of town. He was not undercover, but flew in from Las Vegas to follow up on some case that arose out there.

He was out drinking (with his gun on him!) about a week ago, and suddenly started shouting about someone coming to get him and waving his pistol around. Bar personnel evacuated most of the customers and called the cops. He fired at least one round at the cops; they took cover and tried to talk him down. (That's the best thing about the local PD: they will spend a few hours and even put themselves at a little risk to bring an apparently crazy man in alive.) Eventually he realized that he was facing cops rather than whatever he was hallucinating, and surrendered. The cops realized he was FBI only when they searched him and found a badge in his wallet.

Psychotic break? A "bad trip"? I'd sure like to see blood test results. An FBI agent would be well past the age when schizophrenia usually manifests.