Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kevin(Smallest Minority) linked to this on Bookface the other day

and it's worth reading if you can get there: Stability Privilege: Why the American Left Thinks Gun Control is a Good Idea
The core of it:
The American left supports gun bans, magazine bans, and the abolition of the 2nd Amendment wholly as a function of what I’m calling “Stability Privilege.” Almost no one out there on the left can remember a time when America was not economically and politically stable, relatively speaking. It’s been half a century since a president was assassinated, and even then, the transition of power was seamless. It’s been a little less time since a president was forced out of office. Again he left quietly, not a shot fired, with the reins passing quietly. It’s been at least 70 years since the last time American citizens were rounded up and placed in prison camps without so much as a hearing, and we haven’t had a food riot in anyone’s recent memory. The American left wakes up every day in America confident that the stores will be open, there will be food in them, and that no one will be rounding them up today to be shot for saying something controversial...and that’s the problem.

If you can't get to it, I'll see if can get permission to reprint the whole thing.

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Please do attempt to get permission to post this in its entirety. I don't bookface but I would love to see this in its entirety.