Saturday, December 24, 2016

Yes, it's changing London.

And Paris, and Hamburg, and a bunch of other cities.  And your politicians wanted it, and right now are wondering just how it got out of their control.

Problem with that is that they were never IN control, they just thought they were.

Bunch of these idiots, and the PC-brained sheep follows, need to be slapped with a message: "You want the Sons of Odin and a new crusade?  You must, because this is how you get them."

No, the Electoral College isn't rooted in racism.
And, by the way,
"The Republican Party has put itself on the wrong side of history here. Fifty years from now, this is the party that stood for denying people the right to vote," former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told liberal comedian Bill Maher during a discussion about the Electoral College in mid-November.
is one more attempt by the left to rewrite history.   This time by a corrupt, lying bastard who has lots of dead bodies, especially in Mexico, credited to his garbage.

And this, children, is what happens with 'PC at any cost' idiots in positions of authority.
It has been alleged that Steffen, who is head of the judicial authority in Hamburg, prevented the pictures being circulated because he feared sharing images of Islamist terror suspects will incite racial hatred.

Newspaper Bild reported that police were able to give a description of the killer, but not show the public what he looked like because of privacy concerns.

I doubt it he'd get the point.  If he did, he'd probably call you a racist/bigot/homophobe/whatever for making it.

So, is the question "How'd he get into the position to kill the ambassador?", or is it "How'd they clear the way for him to do it?
A few days before the assassination, a video of another Turkish police officer, who completed a special forces class in August, was widely posted on social media.

“We have nothing to do with salaries, money or worldly things,” said the police officer. “Our path is the path of Allah. And our army is the army of the Prophet [Muhammed]. As long as we have this faith and determination, nobody -- no state, no organization, no terror group -- can destroy us. They can’t even dare do that.”

Other members of the special forces were heard repeatedly chanting “Allahu akbar” during their training.

On December 11, the pro-government newspaper Yeni Akit covered the statements of the police officer, calling it “a speech by a special forces police officer that articulated the feelings of millions of people.”
Also wonder just how this'll influence the Russian plans for actions to take.

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