Monday, July 11, 2016

Much easier to make things look bad when you can massage the definition,

isn't it?
You hardly need a calculator to figure out that 371/475 is less than 1.5 (!) people killed on average per mass shooting (along with four wounded or more). In other words, the average number of dead bodies per "mass" shooting — as redefined downwards — turns out to be between… one and two! And closer to one, at that! (And with the assailant being included nowadays, wouldn't that mean that a "mass" shooting might include one in which the only dead person turns out to be the criminal himself?!)

It takes an Erick Erickson to take an even deeper perspective on these "factual" statistics.
There are more than 300 million guns in private hands in the United States and more than 2 trillion rounds of ammunition in private hands. What we are seeing is not an out of control gun problem. In fact, mass shootings in the United States have fallen so much in the past century that the political left has insisted we redefine what a mass shooting is. It is all in the name of gun control.

The left will not talk about mental illness. The left will not talk about radical jihadism. The left only wants to talk about gun control. There is a very easy to understand explanation for this phenomenon


mark leigh said...

The narrative is all that matters. Now a citizen stopping a shooter will be a "mass murderer". Our cities bid fair to become war zones or rather the long running ghetto/barrio wars will intensify and spread. No one in a depressed area loves the cops, the police can do very little for them and too often interaction with the police is painful and costly.

Anonymous said...

The often misquoted "300 million guns" number is ONLY the total number of firearms sold and checked thru the NICS since 1998. No one has the slightest clue how many of the ONE BILLION firearms made and sold since 1900 are still serviceable or who has them. The "two trillion rounds of ammunition" number is also deceptive as it only counts Ammunition manufactured since 2000. THE TRUTH: NO ONE HAS A CLUE. How many firearms are in the USA. Who has them, or how much ammunition is actually in "civilian" hands. ----Ray