Saturday, July 16, 2016

Make this "We don't want to take your guns;

we just want to make owning them so expensive that you'll have to give them up."

Found thanks to Joe Huffman:  "What?  Put a 'no guns here' sign at my house?  I don't think so!"

Y'know, it's hard to take the cries of "We don't approve of violence, we don't hate other races, we just want peace!" from the OBLM leaders when we keep seeing crap like this.

When someone actually thinks the latest terrorist attack in Paris was done to harm the OBLM movement, when you say things like "Don't pray for Nice, we are fighting a civil war against whites", the standard response from most people is that you're a racist and a fool.

Don't like it?  Stop acting like racists and fools.

No, the Saudi government is not our friend.  Never has been.  They just find our help convenient at times, and count on dirtbag politicians to cover the evidence of their stabbing us in the back.

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Windy Wilson said...

We need to have a list of where these dangerous Leftists live. Anonymity is neither right not appropriate for them. I'm thinking that if things really deteriorate more, with more murdered police, a sort of spray-can swatting to match the electronic kind would be to spray a neat little sign on the front doors of Democrats, "Gun Free House For Safety." You know they believe it for others, why not for themselves?

F***ing Chekists.