Monday, July 11, 2016

I've met people who'd love an electric bike:

no oil changes, no shifting and so forth.  If they can get the range to 100 miles minimum*, even in bad weather conditions, and can keep the price reasonable, they just might sell a lot of these.

But back to my original question, because it really matters to me. Just who does the left think should march into cities like St. Paul, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Dallas, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, and take the guns away from the gang bangers. Just how would that be accomplished without a massive loss of life? Does anybody really think that a phalanx of body-armored paramilitary police can accomplish this in even one city?

Of course not. The goal is for conservative, legal gun owners to comply with “law and order” and do as they’re asked, while the illegal guns stay on the street.
Some of these idiots actually seem to think the bad guys will obey this law, even if they keep breaking the others; the rest are like the Chicago aldermen who pass these laws and then work to make sure their voters aren't screwed with by the cops.

And every time someone with OBLM starts the "We are for peace, we don't want violence!", a goodly number of their own members prove them wrong.

I'm sure someone will inform us that while it's ok for them to condemn all gun owners because cop-killer in Dallas, it's very bad to act like OBLM has any connection to their own members doing crap like this.

Apparently that socialism thing doesn't work well in France, either.
France’s employment minister Michel Sapin has admitted the country is “totally bankrupt”.

The unexpected news came during a radio interview yesterday and is thought to have sent the country’s business leaders into a state of shock.

This... oh, lots of people I have to annoy with this:
Germany’s legislature voted Friday to sharply cut back on subsidies and other financial incentives supporting green energy due to the strain wind and solar power placed on the country’s electricity grid.

Germany’s government plans to replace most of the subsidies for local green energy with a system of competitive auctions where the cheapest electricity wins. The average German pays 39 cents per kilowatt-hour for electricity due to intense fiscal support for green energy. The average American only spends 10.4 cents per kilowatt-hour.
The amount of money flowing into European green energy from governments and the private sector collapsed from $132 billion in 2011 to $58 billion last year, according to a May report by a British auditing firm. Green energy’s failure to meet reliability and cost goals were the primary reasons for declining investment. Europe has poured $1.2 trillion into the green energy industry to fight global warming, but its CO2 emissions and power bills just keep rising.
And this. This is priceless:
Nuclear power made up 29.5 percent of Germany’s energy in 2000. The share dropped down to 17 percent in 2015, and by 2022 the country intends to have every one of its nuclear plants shutdown. This shift caused Germany’s CO2 emissions to actually rise by 28 million tons each year after Germany’s nuclear policy changed.

Nuclear power’s decline has created an opening for coal power, according to a Voice of America article published in November. Coal now provides 44 percent of German electricity.
Green Energy: so bad they had to move back to coal...

*Yes, I know, "Lots of people don't ride that far in a day!"  True enough.  I like having a cushion, and the capability to take off somewhere if I want.


mark leigh said...

I want an aerodynamic electric three-wheel enclosed car. Like an Elio electrified.

markm said...

France is 'totally bankrupt' _again_. They're going to regret joining the EU and switching to the Euro. They can't unilaterally devalue that currency, as they've been doing with the Franc in financial crises ever since the late middle ages.