Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Someday, Will Wheaton will not seize the chance to show himself the dick and blood-dancer

he tells other people not to be.
Three people died and one person was injured in St. Joseph, Michigan, Monday when a criminal at Berrien County Courthouse stole a deputy’s handgun and began firing.

Mr. Wheaton, perhaps best known for his work on the movie “Stand by Me” and the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” television series, posted a profanity-laced tweet as news broke.

“Welcome to America. It has been 0 days since our last mass shooting. #F**ktheNRA,” the actor wrote.
Various people informed him he was both an idiot for not finding out what the hell he was talking about before spouting off.  His response:
The actor responded to fans within his original post, “Shooter grabbed a deputy’s gun. So this is a rare circumstance where a mass shooting wasn’t enabled by the NRA.”
Really is a hoplophobic dick, isn't he?

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