Thursday, May 26, 2016

Awww, poor Bernie, someone asked him a question

about his house of worship and he didn't like it.
LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: I am sure that you know about this topic: various leftist governments, especially the populists, are in serious trouble in Latin America. The socialist model in Venezuela has the country near collapse. Argentina, also Brazil, how do you explain that failure?

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: You are asking me questions…

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: I am sure you’re interested in that.

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: I am very interested, but right now I’m running for President of the United States.

LEÓN KRAUZE, UNIVISION: So you don’t have an opinion about the crisis in Venezuela?

BERNIE SANDERS, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE: Of course I have an opinion, but as I said, I’m focused on my campaign.


Bob said...

Now if someone will ask Hillary if she ever had sexual relations with that woman, Huma Abedin...

Windy Wilson said...

Not the answer I would want from someone I intended to hire, but from a maneuver and manipulation perspective, fabulous.
Now, why didn't any of the 17 Republican candidates think of that kind of evasion? Maybe now candidates can just carry a digital recorder with Bernie saying that.

Firehand said...

Bob, I might just pay to be there when someone finally asks that.

Toastrider said...

He really, REALLY did not want to answer that question.

The Soviet Union officially dissolved in 1991. That was 25 years ago -- there are voters out there who were never around when the 'evil empire' (as Reagan politely put it) collapsed.

But Venezuela? That's happening NOW. And it's even harder for the lefties to hide the mess, since they spent so much time cheering on Chavez and his delusions.

Hallofo said...

I'm sure it will eventually boil down to "Well, they didn't do it right, but I will" or some variation of that. Like most cults, leftism can't see that IT is the problem, but instead blames outside influences or failures of implementation - NEVER the core religion (uh, I mean "economic and social model").

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