Sunday, May 22, 2016

What? A socialist politician might be corrupt

and take money from lawyers who act against the British Army?

Anybody surprised?
Labour's new shadow defence secretary Emily Thornberry received donations from a law firm condemned by MPs over its client's false claims that British soldiers were involved in torture and murder in Iraq.

David Cameron has said there are "questions to answer" over Ms Thornberry's links with the firm after a Conservative MP branded the lawyers "immoral, thieving and ambulance chasing".

Jeremy Corbyn's new frontbench appointment accepted £14,500 from Leigh Day & Co, which is now facing disciplinary action.
And why are they facing such action, you might inquire?
A law firm behind hundreds of claims British soldiers abused Iraqis will be prosecuted for professional misconduct over accusations it failed to hand over evidence and paid improper fees of £75,000 to an Iraqi agent handling alleged victims.
During the Al-Sweady inquiry it emerged that a key, hand-written document, which had the potential to stop the costly legal proceedings in their tracks, had been shredded.
And other such things, that's why.

Got curious and did a little digging.  Oh, my.
It is understood to be the second Leigh Day Christmas party Ms Thornberry has attended, after accepting almost £50,000 in donations-in-kind from the firm when she was shadow attorney general between 2012 and 2014.

The Labour Party also accepted donations from Leigh Day, amounting to almost £20,000 in "staff costs" in 2012.

Lots of money and connections between this firm and Labour.  Again, anybody surprised?

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