Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mixed results from the .357 tests

30 yards, with a so-so rest.*  All loaded with 11.0 grains of 2400.  I decided the max length on each by starting a bullet in, then using the crimp die to get rid of the flare in the case mouth, then seeing if it would chamber fully without actually engaging the rifling.

First the cast wadcutter seated way out to 1.63" oal
No, that didn't work very well.

Same bullet, seated to 1.58"

X-Treme 148-grain plated wadcutter at 1.59"

Now the 162-grain semi-wadcutter, seated to 1.7" oal

The 162, I want to load some more and try it again with a better rest; when three are that tight and the other two mostly vertical in dispersion, that could quite likely be my error.

The X-Treme plated, and the cast at 1.58" I'd like to try again as well.  The plated especially. 

The cast at 1.63", screw it.  That I'm pretty sure wasn't me.

And, since I remembered to bring some more, the X-Treme plated in .38 Special cases:
I most certainly will try these again off a better rest.  It appears the long jump from case to rifling doesn't trouble them.

*and me doing the shooting, but we'll ignore that part right now


Billll said...

Plated bullets and carbines do not get along well. 165 gr Barrys plated in my .40 S&W was delivering groups measured in yards at 100 yards. No kidding.

Switched to 180 gr jacketed (UMC bulk ammo) and got groups measured in inches.

Firehand said...

This one's done pretty well with the 125-grain flatpoint plated. Though I do need to find another to test at 100.