Saturday, May 28, 2016

An experiment,

just because.  To be tried in the mini-Sharps:

                                            162-grain cast semi-wadcutters

                                                          Paper patched

                                    Wiped lightly with lube and sized to .358"

     A snug-fitting paper wad(cut from a tea bag box) inserted, then the bullets seated
over the minimum charge of 2400.

This is because, after all that research on paper-patching, I wondered how it'd work in this application.  The wad is probably unnecessary, but worth trying.  If these shoot accurately, I'll try some without it and see if it changes things.


B said...

You have no idea how crazy it gets from here on in.......The rabbit hole is deep and twisty....

Soon, you'll be buying softer lead, and then you'll be casting your own. You'll be making special conical bullet loads out of pure lead and then you will get into measuring your powder charges by the .001 grain....

If your paper patch is right, you'll see ;em about 2 feet in front of the muzzle cut by the rifling and laying on the ground. Your lube grooves might keep em from separating though.

The best part is you can drive the lead bullets HARD and not worry about leading your bore...

Firehand said...

I have become somewhat familiar with such rabbit holes. I someday expect to see a girl yelling "Get that damned rabbit away from me!"

By the way, in your .45-70 load, was that a pure lead bullet, or harder?

B said...

I used slightly undersized pure lead, but have had good luck with up to 14 brinell lead bullets cast to nominal .458 dia. The pure lead, of course, sizes better. My favorite load is the .448 pure lead spitzer with paper patch, but I can't get those bullets anymore.