Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Someone once said that it is impossible to say something so clearly

that it cannot be misunderstood.

It seems that includes your name, and what the hell you called about.

Kind of amazing, actually.


Anonymous said...

Pet Peeve #1: calling a business and the person answering rattles off the business name and a general "wadyawan" sort of greeting.
Pet Peeve #2: people that call and leave a number so fast you can't hear it and they don't repeat the number.

Anonymous said...

Karl Popper is responsible for the quote.

Firehand said...

Thank you.

And yeah, know both of those

Windy Wilson said...

And I thought it was only attorneys motivated by being paid to misunderstand who could do that.

Firehand said...

This involved phone call to place where I'd ordered something, just to get the contact number on the order changed.

Which led to a callback about two hours later, asking for the wrong name, "You're ordering a second 'X'?" And a few minutes of "No, I made the order almost two weeks ago, I don't want another, I just want to change this phone number."