Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Ban them now!

Starting with those owned by politicians and the wealthy, personal opinion.

Wonder if this '1 in 5' will get as much attention as the bogus one?

'Sport hunting is much like lynching black people.'
Harvard charges something like $40,000/year.  To listen to idiots like this.

Well, it shouldn't be too hard to find the big factory where they're being made.  After all, we're assured by the hoplophobes that it takes a factory to build something like this.

With past examples like this, wonder what Hillary would do in the Oval Office?
Bill Clinton’s administration gathered enough evidence to send a top-secret communique accusing Iran of facilitating the deadly 1996 Khobar Towers terrorist bombing, but suppressed that information from the American public and some elements of U.S. intelligence for fear it would lead to an outcry for reprisal, according to documents and interviews.
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh told The Times that when he first sought the Clinton White House’s help to gain access to the Saudi suspects, he was repeatedly thwarted. When he succeeded by going around Mr. Clinton and returned with the evidence, it was dismissed as “hearsay,” and he was asked not to spread it around because the administration had made a policy decision to warm relations with Tehran and didn’t want to rock the boat, he said.

“The bottom line was they weren’t interested. They were not at all responsive to it,” Mr. Freeh said about the evidence linking Iran to Khobar.

Remember the parents of that girl murdered who sued Lucky Gunner?  And the wailing when the suit- rightly - was thrown out and they were charged for LGs legal costs?
Matsch had already rejected the lawsuit months earlier, citing both federal law and Colorado Revised Statute, both of which shield manufacturers, importers and dealers from lawsuits arising from criminal abuse of products they lawfully sell. Instead, civil actions must be based “only upon an actual defect in the design or manufacture of such firearm or ammunition or upon the commission of a violation of a state or federal statute or regulation and not upon any other theory of liability.” And again, per state law, recovery of attorney’s fees and costs incurred in defending against such actions from the plaintiffs is required.

“It may be presumed that whatever hardship is imposed on the individual plaintiffs by these awards against them may be ameliorated by the sponsors of this action in their name,” Matsch surmised. That means if the Brady Center, which is challenging the ruling, has its appeal rejected and then doesn’t come up with the award amount, Lonny and Sandy Phillips will have to pay it out of their own pockets.

Matsch wasn’t through with the Bradys.

It is apparent that this case was filed to pursue the political purposes of the Brady Center and, given the failure to present any cognizable legal claim, bringing these defendants into the Colorado court … appears to be more of an opportunity to propagandize the public and stigmatize the defendants than to obtain a court order,” he noted.
Of course it was for the Brady political purposes; and if you think they're going to cover this, well, those people were to be used, and if their use is going to cost... then they're on their own.

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