Monday, October 05, 2015

"Nobody wants to take your guns!" my ass, Part the 83rd

But now they're becoming more honest: a Washington Post editor just explicitly called for a "gun free society.
Ezra's Folly, I mean Vox, jumps on the idea and pushes it.
And you already knew about Obama and Hillary Clinton yammering about it.

Either Obama's so desperate to distract from his various mid-East disasters and the economy that he's willing to trash the Democrat Party in the next election, or he's just pissed he can't get his way on everything and doesn't care what damage he causes.  Clinton?  She's a socialist who can't stand the commoners not being under proper control.

And 'control' is the big word in the whole mess.

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Toastrider said...

From the comments I've seen, the heavy money seems to be on Obama trying to distract from his domestic and foreign failures.

Gun control, particularly over the last 5-10 years, has been a third rail for Democrats. They've actually found themselves pushed backwards, slowly but steadily. Oh, they've got Bloomy and his millions, and I won't deny there's danger out there. But the last several years have not been kind to the hoplophobes.

Obama couldn't care less that this sort of thing tends to result in Democrats getting hammered during elections. What matters is to get the stinky scandals off the front page, fast.