Saturday, October 10, 2015

Parts for the project rifle;

I realized I forgot to list them.

In no particular order:
Barrel: DPMS in .338 Federal(no longer available).
Upper & lower receiver: DPMS.
Lower parts kit(minus trigger group): DPMS
Grip: I have no idea, I can't find the paper.
Stock: the A2 that originally came on the AR-15.
Buffer, spring and extension tube: Brownell's.
Recoil pad: Grind-to-fit from Pachmyer.
Trigger: Rock River 2-stage.
I have to note, the pins that came with the trigger were oversize enough they flat would NOT fit in the receiver; therefore, a set I had from Brownell's as spares were used.
Bolt carrier group: DPMS
Gas tube: no idea, picked it up from JSE Surplus when I ordered the barrel.
Gas block: Yankee Hill low profile, setscrew type.
Handguard: Diamondhead free-floating, 13".

It has a Leupold 1.75-6X scope, mounted in some extra-tall rings I had.  Yes, I'm a bad boy for not getting some really good high-dollar rings for it; these work.  Somewhere down the road some better ones will be acquired.

No irons right now.  With this optic it'll have to be a quick-detachable type, at least for the rear; the front could stay mounted.  No idea what I'll go with yet.

Picture of it as it sits(before scope):

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