Saturday, October 10, 2015

"How dare you expect these people to obey your rules,

you racist!"  Etc.
A village in Germany has released a list of ground rules for migrants. The list covers matters of basic civility – like shopping and the Highway Code – to fundamental principles of Western society; like gender equality, not harassing young girls and learning the native language.
Some people online have accused the village of “racism,” however, and of indulging “stereotypes,” not respecting “German political tolerance,” and addressing migrant like “animals.” The page has now been taken down.
Yeah.  Saying 'If you live here, these are the rules all of us follow' and expecting immigrants/refugees to do so is racist.  Bullshit.

So either someone at DHS used a work computer to do personal stuff and needs a serious talking to, or someone at DHS is playing political games using the DHS system, and needs to be fired for it.

Yeah.  Fake scandal, created solely to give Clinton problems.  Right.
A trove of emails that the State Department gave the House Select Committee on Benghazi only two weeks ago show that longtime Hillary Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal pushed his business interests in Libya on the then-secretary of state and that she forwarded an email discussing a CIA source which was classified at the time it was sent.

So, it boils down to "How dare you want your own private means of powered transportation!  You bastards are violating other peoples right not to be run over!"  Etc.

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