Friday, October 09, 2015

This insanity is one reason son left the Army

And it's pushing more and more out.  When you know that screaming for help may get you a "You're within half-a-mile of that house, sorry", or that stopping some piece of shit from raping a child can get you thrown out...


Pawpaw said...

What do yo want? Outrage?

America has forgotten how to fight. We started forgetting when we got concerned about collateral damage, or what the UN might think, or whether or not we're supported by any of our erstwhile allies.

When America goes to war, they should bring all the trappings of America, including beer, whiskey, and letting the girls of the subdued nation become hookers for our boys.

Did I mention that we shouldn't go unless we were willing to subdue the nation? Utterly, unconditionally, subdue them. Then, occupy them for a generation. Oh, I can here some saying "Well, not everyone is in ISIS. (or al-queda, or whatever pissant political party you choose), but the idea is that if we have to go into a country because the leaders couldn't handle it, we hang the leadership, install military governors, and force the puppets to dance to our strings. Maybe, after a generation, we'll give them back their country, like we did for Germany and Japan.

But, if we're not willing to do that, we shouldn't go in the first place.

Firehand said...

Pretty much covers it.

When that idiot head of the Army, after the murders by that jihadi everyone was too chicken to report, made that idiot statement that "It would be worse if this damaged our diversity", and that fucking admiral, when called on this shit by the father of a dead troop, said "It'll be better in the long run if we win their hearts and minds", I seriously wanted to tell them to get their worthless asses to the front lines and operate under the idiot rules they pushed on the troops.

Either that or drop a rock on them from orbit. The troops can and will fight and win, but only if the assholes giving these idiot plans out get out of the way.