Wednesday, September 02, 2015

There's a part I need

from either Brownell's or Midway.  Costs about the same at both.  Nothing else I actually need(want is a different matter) right now.

Shipping: one is only three times the cost of the part, the other is four times.

I hate it when this happens.


Gregg said...

If you place more than 3 or 4 orders with Brownells in the space of a year their Edge membership makes sense.
$50 for a year of free standard shipping, including return shipping.
Type "edge" in the big search box on the Brownells page.

0007 said...

What is it that you need? Maybe somebody out here has one they can spare... Jist sayin'

Lantry said...

I wonder if you could buy the part directly from the manufacturer

Firehand said...

Locater pin for a AR barrel extension. No rush, I'll wait 'till there're other things to order.

Yeah, I've thought about that; if I ordered more often, I'd do it.

Chuck said...

RE: Brownell's EDGE shipping - base level is still "standard shipping". Translation: Pretty darn slow, and if it's small stuff it goes USPS, slower still.

Brownells doesn't have the volume Amazon does so they're not going to equal Amazon Prime performance (in truth, Amazon's "standard shipping" ain't zactly speed-of-light, either...). Now, if Brownells could match Prime speed, that would be worth $50-75/year. Maybe if Brownells got Amazon to manage their fulfillment....