Monday, August 31, 2015

Ah, when the progzis take another bite of their own...

There was an awards show for music videos the other night, it seems.  And one celebritute got pissed at another and was rather loud about it.  And Salon, apparently thinking its chops as a good leftist "We're one of the sensitive ones!" site would protect it, used what's apparently ANOTHER word that now has racist meaning, and is now running and hiding because the other leftists crapped their keyboards in outrage.

It appears, when they're not home-making machine guns and shotgun revolvers, the Brazilians will modify anything else at hand.

An opinion on the tactical reload
He doesn't like it.

But c’mon, people. We’re dealing with reality here. Where are the Kleenex boxes, the alarm clocks, the bottles of ibuprofen, the glasses of water, the heaps of books, the midnight snack foods? Where are the bedside pistol or shotgun, the dog’s blankie and toys, the fuzzy slippers, and the laid-out clothes for tomorrow?

Yeah. In the picture, they’re in the drawers or in the absolutely gigantic closet that’s hidden behind the elegant and pricy shoji screen. Or they’ve been moved to some other room that’s heaped floor-to-ceiling with junk. In reality? Who has time to go hiding all their “necessaries”?

Bayou Renaissance Man on some of the problems with/about LE; read it.  Here's a taste:
Answer me this:  how are we supposed to have any respect at all for law enforcement officers (or their agencies) who engage in these shenanigans?
I suspect this is a major part of the problem with certain elements of society who resent, distrust and fear law enforcement.  Some are just plain criminal, and deserve no consideration.  Others . . . no, others have a real problem.  They've been treated so badly, for so long, that they've lost sight of the fact that the law is there for a reason.  They see it - and those who enforce it - as more of a burden, more of a threat, than a blessing to society.  In time, they come to see peace officers as active enemies . . . and they respond accordingly.


skidmark said...

OK. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. Describing the tone and tenor of a person's comments equals describing the person themself. So I guess if this Nikki person's comments were described as "lame" she would therefore be a "lame" person also. Is that how it works.

Remember the fur flying when somebody was accused of racism for commenting in the chink in the armor of some program?

stay safe.

Anonymous said...

The big problem with BRM's mindset, is that in his world, for every "bad cop" there are many "good cops" in shiny shiny armor just waiting to set things right. In truth the police have become a brutal and oppressive army of occupation. Enforcers for an utterly corrupt dictatorship, who can commit ANY atrocity with little fear of intervention. The police in America have brought this building civil war upon themselves. As cops become more paranoid, and start shooting up cars full of children, old people out for a walk and guys going home from work, all because they didn't like how they were looked at, you can bet that "retaliation" has only just begun. This is the start of civil war and is going get worse for a long time.---Ray