Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And, sooner or later, this crap is going to blow up bigtime;

and the idiots who helped pump it up are going to insist they had nothing to do with it.  Kind of like Sgt. Schultz knowing Nothing!
So, too, the mainstream media depicted the black murderer of eight white people at a Connecticut beer warehouse in 2010 as a man who had been angered by white racism, not as the white-hater he was. Under the headline "Troubles Preceded Connecticut Workplace Killing," a New York Times article reported: "He might also have had cause to be angry: He had complained to his girlfriend of being racially harassed at work, the woman's mother said, and lamented that his grievances had gone unaddressed."
And a Washington Post headline read: "Beer warehouse shooter long complained of racism."
The fact was that the man was fired for stealing beer from his workplace, and there was a video of him doing so.
...One of the best examples of this lie is the left's use of the word "Ferguson" as an example of white police killing innocent young black men. The extensive investigation into what actually happened in Ferguson (by both local authorities and the U.S. Department of Justice led by then-Attorney General Eric Holder) revealed no such thing. Yet even Obama continues to use the term "Ferguson" as an exemplar of police racism.

Those lies in turn produce the anger-inducing victimhood that pervades too much of black life. Just this past weekend at the Minneapolis State Fair, a "Black Lives Matter" group chanted, "Pigs in a blanket, fry 'em like bacon."
Some blacks -- as in Houston this past weekend and in Louisiana two weeks earlier when a black man murdered another white policeman -- are taking this message literally and randomly murdering police officers. And some other blacks just want to kill whites, whether or not they are police. Such is the power of victimhood and lies.

And it gives power to racist assholes like Calypso Louie.  Who's openly calling for killing people for their skin color.  Again.

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