Thursday, September 03, 2015

Ben Brucato, of Amherst College, deserves all the fame

we can give him, so he's known as the nasty little bastard he is.

Brucato responded to an incident in Troy, New York, in which a carjacker opened fire and severely wounded two police officers before being shot and killed himself. The Amherst researcher started publicizing false information about the shooting, complained that officers who rushed to the scene had run stop signs, and insinuated that a black mayoral candidate who supported the white officers had performed oral sex on them.
Brucato responded by telling Kownack he wished the city was “rid of your sorry ass.” He continued, saying he’d like to see her “buried beneath” buildings in the city, adding “When we erect the guillotines, I’ll make sure we grab you first.”

You'll note that, when it was pointed out just what a nasty asshole he was showing himself to be, he tried to get various sites to not publish about this.  Because
“it would set an unacceptable precedent that [publication] is willing to work with those who want to silence their critics rather than engage them in debate.”
Oh, Hell no, Brucato, we WANT you spouting this crap.  We WANT you showing just what a crap pile you are.

By the way, ever hear of the Streisand Effect?

Thanks to Miguel for finding this

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