Sunday, August 30, 2015

Something most of the left REALLY doesn't want to talk about,

let alone deal with: 
But here’s where things get really murky for the left:

If, as the left is forever assuring us, America is a land of incorrigible “white supremacy” and “racism”—if, in other words, “racism” is “institutional,” “systemic,” “structural;” if, as the left insists, “racism” is the greatest of all evils; and if, as the left further maintains, whites are never eligible to judge whether blacks who cry “racism” are sincere or not, then it would seem that one conclusion follows:

Vester Flanagan, who claims to have been the victim of racial oppression, acted justifiably in gunning down three white people who, by virtue of being white, belonged to the oppressor class
Yep.  Yeah, I know the real squirrels will say it, but the 'out in the spotlight' Democrats and socialists?  They do NOT want to deal with this consequence of their bullshit.

Much like, if it can be shown that the murderer who killed that Texas deputy was following the line of that radio show, a lot of the media will NOT want to deal with that; if they have to, they'll deflect all they can.


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