Wednesday, September 02, 2015

This crap is not going to end well

Yet another officer has been killed this week in what is being described as having been planned by multiple parties to kill an Abilene police officer in his home.  The slain officer has been identified as Don Allen by the chief of police.  According to a local news source, Big Country Homepage, a search warrant for cell tower information included the following:
This ruling isn’t official, but a direct quote from the documents reads, “communication occurred between multiple parties to plan and carry out the murder. [The officer filing the warrant] believes cell towers within the ten mile radius will have captured transaction between the suspects who were involved in this murder.”
If correct, you're talking about conspiracy, planning murder.  Three guesses about political affiliations/probable racial group.

Yes, I know, 'That's racist!'  No,  it's not.  Especially considering this.  And this.  And this.
And, from the ranks of the Only Black Lives Matter clowns, I present this:

Yeah, this is going to end well. 

Hey, assholes, know what you've done?  In no particular order,
You've caused every cop out there to consider everyone of darker hue a possible(probable?) threat on a level they never did before.
You've cause a bunch of people to consider the cops a bigger threat than the people far more likely to kill them(Chicago, anyone?)
You've helped the grievance-mongers and RWPPs to- well, stop there, helping those assholes period is an offense worthy of something terrible.
You've helped every "We have to support the cops no matter what!" moron.
And, the cherry on the damned sundae, you've helped make sure there's going to be a bunch of bodies involved.

Well done, you idiots.

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