Friday, September 04, 2015

Hillary Clinton announced "People should obey the law!" In between cover stories

and lies about her own most recent(that we know of) lawbreaking...  Which leads me to this:
Insty has been pointing out the dangers in average people deciding "Screw this.  The government, the politicians, the agencies, THEY don't obey the law, so why should I?"  Which brings me to this on ATF and Gunwalker:
For example, “Gunwalker Bill” Newell, one of the principal architects of the scheme, was allowed to start his post-ATF civilian job and still draw his six-figure government salary and lavish benefits for about a year.

Who says crime doesn’t pay? Not Gunwalker Bill.
US Attorney Dennis K. Burke, who approved and helped organize the “increase killings to influence policy” gambit, returned to a staff job at one of the anti-gun non-profits to which he’d always been loyal. The AZ State Bar cracked down as hard on him as bar associations ever do: fining him $1,200 for his role enabling a thousand plus murders, about a buck each, not counting “incurred but not reported” murders, which might double the number (and halve what it’s cost Burke, per-decapitated-capita). ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson and US Attorney turned ATF Director Byron Todd Jones, both of whom were involved in Gunwalker planning and oversight, retired unscathed by their roles in the same heinous conspiracy. Another US Attorney  read on to and supportive of the program, Loretta Lynch, is now Attorney General. It’s as if the official motto of Operation Gunwalker was “Mess Up and Move Up.”
Helping smuggle guns to the drug cartels.  Violating a national border.  Lying under oath.  Submitting false documents.  And their attempt to help cover-up their wrongdoings?  Screw the little people, of course.
Unable to get at their cartel-leader targets (because the cartel personnel who were upstream from the straw purchasers ATF chose as entry points were all already being run as paid confidential informants by the FBI, or (more probably) were double agents taking FBI money to betray the FBI effort to their cartel bosses), the ATF targeted the only people they could, the straw buyers and their own cooperating witnesses. CW Ian Garland was thrown under the bus and sentenced to ten years in jail for selling guns Newell, Voth and McAllister directed him to sell to cartel buyers. ATF “expert” witnesses misrepresented the semi-auto weapons Garland sold as full-auto weapons, leading to a 10-year-sentence, but also to its overturn, and Garland’s release, on appeal. Garland’s out now (and cooperating, to the terror of the ATF, with the Mexican government in a probe of how guns ATF directed him to sell were used to murder Mexican law enforcement and court officers), but he not only was imprisoned (and remains convicted), but also they did all they could, as this period appeal makes clear, to make the process a punishment of its own .
Hey, they screw their own AGENTS for not being sufficiently quiet about ethical and legal shortcomings, you think it'll bother them to screw an informant?  Or some plain old citizen doing what they were told to by ATF?

And let's not forget, the EffingBI, and DEA, and other agencies were found to be involved in this and other gun-smuggling operations(that never got much attention in the media; gee, I wonder why...).  Every damned one of which made sure their people paid no price for what they did.

Any surprise more and more people are saying "You're telling me to obey the law?  Screw you; you start obeying it first" ?

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