Saturday, September 05, 2015

If this is correct, I wonder who in the Pentagon

is getting paid off, and how?

Come on, how can even the hoplophobes get all upset about this?  All-natural ingredients!  It's green!


genericviews said...

It's not the pentagon.
This train wreck is being driven by Fort Benning and all the "Combat Experts" including the special ops community. What the HQDA staff wants is "something to replace the Beretta since it is worn out and fixing them costs more than buying new ones. The HQDA staff knows that there is a near zero percent chance of any Army soldier EVER using a pistol in combat. ANY pistol will get the job done. Nothing fancy. Nothing special. But the "EXPERTS" at Ft Benning have different ideas. They want the Ninja of all pistols. A pistol that never misses. One that kills with a single hit to the hand. One that is silent but deadly. One that can be used equally as well by 95 lb girls and guys with limp wrists as well as by commandos. A gun that in infinitely upgradable or customizable (hence "modular"). The staff at the Pentagon just wants a cheap replacement for what we have.

RFPs like this are likely to ensure no one gets anything. Except a few prototypes.

Dan said...

Let's not conflate Black Powder with modern smokeless gunpowder.
One is relatively easy to make....though the dangers are or should
be obvious. The other is NOT. I have never heard of anyone being
successful at making smokeless gunpowder at home or informally.