Saturday, September 05, 2015

Never forget, it's about control;

guns, cars, words, it's always about control.
De Leon’s SB 350 is ultimately a gasoline-rationing act. The bill gives the California Air Resources Board free rein to enact a mandatory 50 percent gasoline and diesel fuel restriction (8 billion gallons annually) by the year 2030.

To meet the mandate, the state air resources board will be able to ration gas, place mobility restrictions on state residents, place surcharges on family mini-vans, trucks and SUVs, and even monitor individuals’ fuel consumption records.
The California Air Resources Board, an unelected group of bureaucrats, will be given full authority to meet the restriction mandate in any way its members see fit with no oversight permitted by our elected representatives.
Yeah, that'll work.  Californicated thinks it's losing people now(except for illegal aliens)?  Watch how many people evacuate if they pass this crap.

By the way, notice the name of the control freak who's pushing this?  Yes, that's the same control freak with his "I have no idea what I'm talking about but I'll say it anyway" press conference that gave us 'ghost guns'.  Note this:
(In his official capacity, de León is chauffeured in a Chevrolet Suburban. For personal use, he leases a Chevrolet Impala and said he aspires to a hybrid.)
Got that?  Not 'bought one', not 'is buying one', he ASPIRES to a hybrid.  Lying bastard.

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