Thursday, September 10, 2015

From the GFW land where Great Britain used to be:

“Internal police documents seen by UK Shooting News have revealed that police firearms licensing employees want to ban: .22 semi-autos; magazine-fed shotguns; all 50-cals; section 2 certificates; free 1-for-1 variations; old spec deactivated firearms; antique firearms; and appeals to courts against police decisions.
“Domestic extremism” is a good enough reason for police figures to demand all semi-autos, firearms and shotguns alike be banned.(sounds like the CSGV, doesn't it?)
Airguns. Despite the police officially rejecting the Scottish Nationalist proposal to make airguns licensable – which since passed – the author of this document appears to have lost touch with his comrades, blandly stating that“further restrictions should be placed on such weapons.”
Old-spec de-acts. The police want to make all pre-1995 de-activated firearms illegal by making the 1995 standard mandatory. This would be hugely costly and criminalise tens of thousands of people across the country for absolutely no good reason – although it would produce a rich seam of arrestable people, who otherwise did no wrong, that could be mined for years to come.
Antiques. As previously discussed on UKSN, the police want to bring in licensing of antiques through the back door by forcing antiques dealers to keep records of customers and making them sign declarations.
And, to push this even further down the "Rights?  You have what we allow you" hole,
New powers of entry without warrant. Chief constables, says the police author, should be able to suspend a certificate pending investigation. This, if you knew nothing about how the licensing system operates, appears reasonable. “Such a suspension should carry a power of entry without warrant in order to seize the certificates and any firearms held by virtue of them,” writes the police employee, who brazenly goes on to state that the suspension should be for a fixed term of six months renewable for another six months through an internal police self-authorisation process.
Abolishing court appeals is one of the more offensive suggestions on the list. While both police and public know that the cost of a court appeal starts from five figures and increases exponentially, it looks as if they are not only fishing for hugely intrusive and disruptive powers to target the licensed firearms community but they also want to pull the ladder up to ensure that courts which make binding decisions on the law which the police are forced to obey no longer play a part in firearms licensing.
This is what the police have become in Britain.  John Peel must be trying to crawl out of his grave and go through police stations kicking people in the ass to try to jump-start their brains.

Let's see... "We don't have ENOUGH power over the commoners, so let's do all this, AND take away their ability to appeal to a court; that's so expensive most people can't even try, but why leave them the option?

And why should we need a warrant to violate their home?"
Do these assholes even know who Peel was?  Or just not care?


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when an insane 90+ year old woman turns an island into the largest concentration camp on earth with the "help" of the UN. Europe is lost. The communist lead subhuman goat humppers are aiming at us next. We can ether exterminate the left ,the illegal, and Islam, or be exterminated. Like Europe we need to kill them. Kill them ALL. Kill them NOW.

0007 said...

The word "slaves" comes to mind. Except I don't think that slaves would be treated this badly. Not to worry, once the muzzies complete their takeover of Britain, ownership/non-ownership of firearms won't be consideration any more.