Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Europe, you're running out of time. Rapidly.

  • One migrant was asked why he doesn't want to stay in Hungary. He replied: "[Hungary is] not giving us like in Germany... a house, money..."
  • "It's not 150,000 migrants coming that some want to divide according to quotas, it's not 500,000, a figure that I heard in Brussels, it's millions, then tens of millions, because the supply of immigrants is endless." — Viktor Orb├ín, Prime Minister of Hungary.
In Bulgaria, a search of five Albanian men trying to cross the border revealed that they were carrying Islamic State propaganda, including videos of decapitations.
If at least some of this gets stopped in time, it may only be railcars or trucks taking them to ports to be shipped home; if not in time...

Said it before: at some point the French(for one) are going to remember who Charles Martel was, and why he was called The Hammer and almost worshipped.  Hopefully before the current version of the Ottoman Empire makes it to Vienna in force again.

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Bob M said...

Europe doesn't have any leaders like him. So it seems, Europe will never be the same again.