Sunday, September 06, 2015

Among the perils of using LE as revenue-raisers,

The other report showed that Ferguson was a speed trap for people going nowhere, six square miles of mostly black people, mostly poor, with 50 cops, almost all white, who were ordered to milk them for every possible nickel by white city managers. Black people were further bled dry in a punitive cycle of fines and fees; missed court dates led to arrest warrants, which left them increasingly incapable of having a chance at a productive life.
I'll note that when LE is used this way, it doesn't just hit blacks; it pisses off EVERYBODY.  And hits the poor hardest, as they can afford this crap the least.

And something that pisses me off every time some RWPP like Sharpton or Holder opens their mouth to yell about black lives ended by someone of different skin color, but they rarely say anything about a bad Chicago weekend:
In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention counted 129 instances of black men killed by “legal intervention”—that is to say, by cops. The figure is incomplete because of a lack of national reporting requirements, and it says nothing about the circumstances of the killings or the race of the officers involved. But it gives a sense of the scope of the problem.

By contrast, in that same year, 6,739 black men were murdered, overwhelmingly by young men like themselves. Since 2001, even as rates of violent crime have dropped dramatically, more than 90,000 black men in the U.S. have been killed by other black men. With fatalities on this scale, the term epidemic is not a metaphor. Every year, the casualty count of black-on-black crime is twice that of the death toll of 9/11.
And when they do say something, it's generally "This is the fault of white people!"  Because when people of integrity DO say "Stop bitching about white people, we're killing each other", they get called race traitors and such by the people who live by grievance-mongering.

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